We offer metal structures and customized metal solutions for industries, maintenance and private fields. Our services includes but is not limited to aluminum and stainless steel welding services, sheet metal work and machining and prototyping, designing and installation.

Demanding welding projects and sheet metal work are our special strength. We are also able to offer larger entities thanks to our extensive machine base and partner network.

In terms of the machined materials we specialize in aluminum, stainless steel, special alloys and titanium. We stock both welding wires and various materials to ensure fast delivery times. Other alloys are provided quickly when needed. We provide materials and pieces also to hobbyists depending on availability.

Aluminum Welding

Aluminum welding for pipes, sheet metal parts, structures and repairs is our special strength. Whether the shape of the object is easy or demanding to weld, we can serve you. Our selection of TIG and MIG tools is extremely comprehensive.

Stainless Steel Welding

Stainless steel welding for small to large parts is done with exceptional quality, thanks to our wide range of tools. Our well trained and qualified team knows how to weld various of structures without problems.

Sheet Metal Work and Machining

Sheet metal work from single pieces to small series are provided efficiently from us. In addition our strengths are sheet cuts and stamping as well as welded structures for thin and thick sheets. With the help of a strong partner network machined parts can be also combined to parts and assemblies.

Prototypes and Designing

We offer prototyping services, design, structural design and installation services for metal parts and structures. We are experts on manufacturing and have broad knowledge on different customer needs. Our expertise and professional tools ensure quick lead times even when starting from scratch!

Check also our references or contact us! Whether your need is small or big, we can help!