We offer metal structures and customized metal solutions for industry, service field and private customers. Our services include aluminium and stainless steel welding, sheet metal fabrication, machining and prototyping.

Demanding welding and sheet metal work are our special strengths, while our extensive machine fleet and partner network also allow us to offer more comprehensive solutions. Our diverse projects often combine tubes, sheet metal and machined parts welded or assembled.

As for the materials we work with, we specialise in aluminium, stainless steel, special alloys and HDPE plastic welding. We keep both welding wire and various materials in stock to ensure fast delivery times. Other alloys can also be supplied quickly if requested. On demand, we also provide materials and sheet metals to amateurs.

Aluminium Welding

Welding of aluminium for tubular parts, sheet metal, structures and repairs is our core competence. Whether the shape is easy or demanding to weld and the alloy challenging, we can help. Our range of TIG and MIG tools is very comprehensive.

Stainless Steel Welding

Welding of stainless and acid-resistant steel for both small and large parts can be carried out with high quality thanks to our wide range of tools. Our trained and qualified team can weld structure after structure without any problems.

Sheet metal working and machining

From single sheets to small series, we can do it efficiently. In addition to plate splicing and edging, welded structures for thin and thick plates are our strength. With a strong network of partners, machined parts can also be combined into different assemblies.

Prototyping and design

We offer prototyping, design, structural design and installation services for metal parts and structures. With our extensive experience in the metal industry and our knowledge of different sectors, we are able to offer complete solutions from start to finish. Our know-how and comprehensive range of equipment allow for fast deliveries.

Waterjet Cutting

We offer flexible water cutting for our stock materials, other metal sheets and your own materials. We also offer finishing, countersinking, edging, welding and assembly of cut parts.

We manufacture aluminium boats, HDPE boat hulls, parts, structures and offer design services for these. We also do repair welding and retrofit fittings in aluminium, stainless steel and HDPE plastic.

Take a closer look at our references or contact us! Whether your needs are big or small, we can help!