Boat and Marine Industry

We serve the boat industry and boat owners by manufacturing aluminum structurers and stainless steel assemblies from single units to mass production. We also work in collaboration with the design team and if needed we can self-design pieces to provide durable and cost-effective solutions. At our factory we mostly use marine aluminum (5000 series) and stainless steel (316L) and our warehouse allows us to serve small batches quickly and cost-effectively.

We make stainless steel and aluminum tube structures for boats, such as targas, bimines, canopies, railings and fuel lines. We do these structures efficiently and they can be installed on site or at our factory.

We also specialize in welded sheet metal structures for larger pieces such as boat consoles and cabins as well as aluminum fuel tanks. Based on our experience we are able to recommend the best solutions for you.

Thanks to our location next to the sea, transportation equipment, and spacious hall, we also offer efficient repair and installation service for boats and floating structures.

Vehicles and Transportation Equipment

We provide parts and structures for vehicles and transportation equipment mainly from aluminum. We also provide design and turn-key solutions for these structures. We have implemented a variety of customized racks, supporting structures and actuators for heavy equipment, vans and trailers. With the help of our partner network the parts cans be also painted or anodized.

Process Industry and Water Systems

Our expertise in welded structures when dealing with stainless steel and aluminum can also be effectively utilized in various process engineering, pools and for example in clean and wastewater treatment components. You can get water supply equipment and process equipment supports, enclosures and control panels through us made from high-quality and durable materials.

Turn-Key Projects

If necessary we also process the ideas into finished products. Our extensive experience from various structures enables us to provide prototypes or small series on a tight schedule. We choose the most suitable materials, the most sensible structures and the most functional solutions for your product.

Engine and Transmission Parts

We also do demanding repairing welds, overhauls and the manufacturing of replacement parts for various engines and transmission components. Expertise on welding special alloys and our accuracy often allow the damaged part to be repaired cost-efficiently. Engine machining and modifications are also possible through our wide range of tools and partner network.