Sheet Metal Work and Machining

We can also supply you with high quality sheet metal structures and clips. From thin sheets to thick sheets, aluminium, stainless steel and various types of steel sheets are the core of our expertise. Through our own machinery and our partners, we are able to offer a wide range of parts and assemblies efficiently. To support other production, we also have equipment for pipe boring, milling and turning. We also offer waterjet cutting.

Combined with our other services, we can offer demanding and versatile structures, combining tubes, plates and machined parts. Quickly and cost-effectively

Sheet materials from stock

We typically stock the following products in our warehouse for sale. If requested, we cut the sheets to the desired size. Other alloys and metals (e.g. brass) are also available on request.

Acid resistant stainless steel0,8 mm – 6 mmHST AISI 316L
Aluminium sheet1,5 mm – 8 mmMarine aluminium EN AW-5754
FE sheet0,75 mm – 6 mmSteel plate S355
ALU tear drop plate3-5 mmMarine aluminium EN AW-5754
ALU rice grain sheet2 mmMarine aluminium EN AW-5754
Polished stainless steel0,8 – 2 mmAISI 304/316L
Sanded texture stainless steel0,8 – 2 mmAISI 304/316L