WD Steelworks

WD Steelworks Oy offers metal services under one roof. We offer welding, sheet metal work, structural design and prototypes for aluminium and stainless steel.

We offer metal structures and customized metal solutions for the boat, marine, defence equipment and process industries. We also serve your metal parts needs for vehicles, heavy machinery, engines and household appliances. We specialise in particular in welding aluminium and stainless and stainless steel. With our versatile equipment, we can efficiently produce even the most demanding structures, from prototypes and small series to larger batches.

Our strengths are quality, agreed schedules, extensive expertise and an excellent cooperation network. We can provide you with the structures you need on a turnkey basis, also designed and surface treated!

We stock materials for fast delivery and also cut customer materials.

RFQs and orders
+358 44 304 9293

WD Steelworks Oy is a metalworking company that started its operations in 2006. Our new spacious factory is located in the port of Valko in Loviisa, and we also operate on customer premises in the surrounding area.

We follow certified ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2 quality systems in our machine shop, and all our welders are ISO 9606 certified. We use an external service for IWS and IWE welding coordination and have WPS welding instructions for aluminium, stainless steel and duplex steels. We are registered with the Trusted Partner service.

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