Excellence in aluminium boat, HDPE hull, component and floating structure fabrication, assembly and design.

Boat Building and Hull Construction

We manufacture quality boats in single units or small series, efficiently and to a high standard of workmanship, also fully installed with propulsion and electronics.

Aluminium Hulls

Our expertise working with aluminium is second to none and, combined with our own waterjet cutter, we can efficiently produce hulls and prototypes.

HDPE Plastic Hulls

Plastic-welded boat hulls combine our expertise in sheet works and plastic welding of demanding structures. Plastics are also cut with our own waterjet cutter for efficient manufacturing.

Structures and Components

We also manufacture individual components such as consoles, bimini, fuel tanks, hatches, railings, propulsion parts, railings and other aluminium, HDPE or stainless steel parts from single pieces to series production.

Design and Project Management

Project management, design, strength calculation and testing are all organised thanks to our comprehensive expertise. Our location gives us the flexibility to work on even the most challenging projects and tests.

Repair Welding and Retrofitting

We also carry out demanding repair welding and installation, also abroad if necessary. Whether your vessel is made of steel, aluminium, stainless steel or HDPE plastic we can help you with even the most demanding cases. We also offer part design and fabrication for private customer parts efficiently.